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On the seventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…

Seven World Trip Tickets~

"Because the plane isn’t big enough for both of us."

I don’t know how plane tickets work. Is there even such thing as a world trip ticket? Whatever, it exists here. Anyways, this is because those two love the whole world, and they probably wanna go to everywhere together :)

Especially since I have a theory that Victor is secretly a pilot of a single-passenger plane. (srsly, dude’s been everywhere…)

The map shows all the places they’ve been to, and places they wanna go to. BTW, Victor’s about to put a sticker over Inaccessible Island, not a random patch of ocean. You should see what China and Japan look like… completely covered in stickers.

Happy second anniversary to the husbands!

(my painting for their anniversary’s gonna be a bit late though… okay, enough rambling)

10 hours, Photoshop CS4

Yes, indeed! Wikitravel | Round the world flights

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Travel with Karl Lagerfeld x Tokidoki!

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Toulouse, France - photo by Tiffany Kim

In this dusty rose-colored city canvassed with clay roof-topped homes, beautifully trimmed parks, a river and a canal that runs through it and the occasional accordion music, I have been lucky to live the real southern French experience in Toulouse. Toulouse is called “Le Ville Rose” (the Pink City), named after the pink bricks used in constructing the homes. Like most modern cities in Europe, Toulouse is infused with the old and new. There are chic neighborhoods with stores like Hugo Boss, Blumarine and Longchamp, but nestled between these boutiques is an old patisserie whose owners are from a long lineage of patisserie owners serving the scrumptious sweet tarts of the region…

Toulouse is a destination for so many Parisians who yearn for a slower paced life, and it is now a destination for many travelers who decide to stay because they recognize the same je ne sais quoi.

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Petra, Jordan.

I saw an exhibition about Petra at a museum in New York City years ago.

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Friday daydream fodder: the Seaside Luxe cabanas at the Four Seasons in Maui have recently been transformed into little slices of Missoni heaven.

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